Crisis Survival Kit

Our Crisis Survival Kit is designed to empower individuals with effective coping skills. Each carefully curated item in the kit comes with a concise skill-tip, offering brief yet impactful guidance to enhance the application of the skill.

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Description / Guidance:

Break the ice pack and hold it against your cheeks, below the eyes. Bend over and hold your breath for 30 seconds. This tricks the brain into thinking you’re underwater in a frozen lake. Your body will redistribute blood flow to essential organs. This has the effect of feeling like a fast acting drug. Almost immediately you will become calmer and your emotional state will be reset.


Distraction with Sensations

Description / Guidance:

Shocking the sense of taste with extreme sour candy works in the short term to refocus attention away from the crisis event.


Paced Breathing

Description / Guidance:

Use the timer to spend a full minute noticing the five senses. Step outside for a deeper mindful experience. Paced breathing slows the heart rate and subsequently calms the mind. Use the timer to breathe for five minutes. Inhale for four seconds, exhale for six. This activates the parasympathetic nervous system and regulates emotions.

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