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“Recovery DBT helped us navigate one of the scariest and most challenging periods for our family. It is hard to know what to do and who to turn to when you need help the most, and this program was truly the answer to our prayers. The team at Recovery DBT guided us from every angle and gave not only our child the help she needed, but supported the family as well. 

They’re amazing coaches for helping teens understand how their brains, emotions, and reactions work and the skills to help recognize and regulate them. They created a group space in which my daughter felt she could be her honest self, which motivated her to fully invest in her own health and recovery. She uses the skills she learned in the program almost daily even now, and they have helped her build healthier relationships with other kids as well. Dealing with a mental health crisis can be a slow, confusing, scary, and frustrating process. Our family truly feels that we are back in a place of well-being because of Recovery DBT and their expertise and work with our daughter. “


– Megan, Mother of a 13 year old


“My family credits Recovery DBT with giving our teen the skills and tools she needs to move through stressful situations and anxiety with patience and confidence. They led groups and individual discussions with empathy and a relatability that really connected with our daughter, and while the personal growth is hard work, the resulting changes are really worth it. She emerged from the experience feeling better than she had in a long time, and the perspective she gained taught her she has the resources to handle difficult situations when they arise. I would highly recommend the Recovery DBT group for anyone struggling with anxiety or depression and looking for real change.”

- Kim, Mother of a teen

“I spent countless years looking for the right treatment for my mental health and I found Recovery DBT when I hit rock bottom and I couldn’t handle it anymore. I was unsure at first, but it was clear on my first day in group that this was going to help change my life if I worked hard on it. The support of the staff and my fellow group members was life-changing and I find myself utilizing the skills that I was taught every day. I recommend DBT therapy to everyone I know and meet who is struggling and if I can, will always recommend Recovery DBT too.”

- Dottie, 24 year old

“Working with Recovery DBT has been absolutely life changing for my family. Their staff helped my teenage daughter navigate a number of issues by teaching her the skills she needed to stay emotionally regulated. They are knowledgeable, warm, empathic, and practical. Their unwavering support has been instrumental in helping my family through some incredibly difficult times.

They are terrific therapists and amazing parent coaches. They have been instrumental in helping me improve my relationship with my daughter.”

- Liora, Mother of a teen

“I was referred to Recovery DBT, after considering various IOP programs I felt choosing their program was the best for me since they offered DBT, individual, and crisis therapy. I couldn’t be happier with the services their staff provided, their devotion helped improve my accountability all while still working at my own pace. I have made strides in which I never thought possible, especially in less than a year of working with them. I came from extreme anxiety, PTSD, agoraphobia, depression, and unemployed. Learning DBT skills has allowed me to maintain a steady job and even open my own business. Even with my current success, they continue to devout their assistance to my specific needs as I’ve grown through this process and learning to find my true self again.”

- Amanda

“Having Recovery DBT’s staff as my therapist saved my life. My time in DBT has taught me to find a life worth living even through my hardest struggles. I am now not only alive. I am truly living.”


“Our daughter was struggling with depression, suicidal thoughts, just in a very dark place and we her parents could not help her out of this situation. We were not equipped with the knowledge, experience and tools. We heard of the DBT program through the proverbial grapevine – word of mouth – which turned out to be a life-line for us. One of the challenges in seeking help is to know who to trust, this is your child, maybe even yourself. Secondly – is there a way forward, is there a process, a program, some structure to work with that will help – you’re not looking for ‘forever therapy’.

For us, Recovery DBT and the DBT Program, which we as parents got to participate in too, was an answer to our prayers and checked both my questions. I recommend their staff as wonderful, gentle people and with hearts for helping + all the knowledge, experience and skills necessary for the job at hand. The DBT Program is well regarded – carefully structured, thoughtful and effective. As noted, we all – child and parents, participated in the DBT Program and this was great as we mirrored and learned as we worked our way through the program.

Our experience was that the program gave structure and a process to work through which lead us up and out. We are not “perfect” but we are so much better today. On a scale of 1 -10, where 1 is dangerous and 10 is blue skies, sunshine and rainbows, we started at a 3 and are at a 9 today.”

-Russ, Father of a 15 year old

“When our teenage daughter experienced a mental health crisis, Recovery DBT was the only team who was able to truly connect with her. Their staff’s special gifts of wisdom, intuition, patience, and the ability to communicate sincere care and concern for their clients make them an outstanding mental health team. As a parent, I feel extremely confident about them and the way they could shine a light for our child (and our family) through some dark times. They always offered effective strategies and approached every situation in a calm, compassionate, and non-judgmental manner. We are so thankful to have found Recovery DBT. My daughter is living a healthy, fulfilling life and has a much brighter outlook — her work with their team has been a major factor in this change!”

- Mother of a 15 year old

“Recovery DBT provided the guidance our family needed to navigate through treatment and recovery. Not only did our teenage daughter learn coping skills, but we, as parents, also learned how to better support her. It was a team effort that guided us through a difficult time and benefits our family still today.”

- Yvonne, Mother of a 16 year old

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