Unlimited Access to Virtual DBT Skills Classes

Join our monthly subscription program and gain unlimited access to live DBT skills group classes, taught by intensively trained therapists, for just $250/month.

For individuals living outside of Georgia 

Program Overview

Are you looking to learn practical skills to manage your emotions, improve your relationships, and enhance your overall well-being? Our virtual DBT Skills curriculum offers you the opportunity to access comprehensive Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) skills training from the comfort of your home.

What is DBT?

Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) is an evidence and skills based approach designed to help individuals regulate their emotions, cope with stress, and build healthier relationships.


Access to Live Group Classes:

With our monthly subscription, you gain unlimited access to all our DBT skills group classes each week. Participate in as many classes as you want, based on your schedule and needs. Currently offering 3 Classes a Week - a total of 9 hrs of class time per week.

Flexible Participation:

Whether you want to attend every class or join occasionally, our program offers flexibility that fits your lifestyle. Learn at your own pace and tailor your participation to your personal goals.

Trained Therapists:

All classes are led by Recovery DBT’s intensively trained DBT therapists with extensive experience in teaching DBT skills. Benefit from professional guidance and support in a group setting.

An Incredible Community

Skill Development:

Learn essential DBT skills including mindfulness, emotion regulation, distress tolerance, and interpersonal effectiveness. These skills can help you navigate life's challenges with greater resilience OR help you help your own clients.

Community Support:

Join a community of like-minded individuals who are also working to improve their mental health. Share experiences, offer support, and grow together in a supportive group environment.


Access all classes online from anywhere. No need to commute or schedule individual therapy sessions. Our virtual format makes it easy to integrate the learning of DBT skills training into your busy life.

How It Works

$250 per month. Subscriptions are month-to-month. Cancel at any time. 
Class Schedule
We offer 9 hours of live classes each week, covering all core DBT skills. Current class schedule:  Monday, Wednesday and Thursday from 2 - 5pm EST.
Access Information
Once you subscribe, you'll receive a link to our virtual classroom platform. Join classes with a simple click and start learning immediately.
You must be located outside the state of Georgia to be eligible for this program. 
DBT Crisis Survival Kit
You will receive a Recovery DBT Crisis Survival Kit alongside a class curriculum manual delivered to your door. 


Do I need prior experience with DBT to join?

No, our classes are designed for both beginners and those with prior DBT knowledge.

Can I cancel my subscription anytime?

Yes, you can cancel your subscription at any time with no penalties.

Are individual therapy sessions included?

No, this program solely provides group classes and does not include individual therapy sessions.

If I enroll, is this considered therapy?

No. By signing up to our classes, this does not constitute mental health care. We highly recommend you get in touch with a local therapist. 



If you’re in emotional distress, text HOME to connect with a counselor immediately.


Call or text the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline for 24/7 emotional| support.


If you’re having a medical or mental health emergency, call 911 or go to your local ER.

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*Disclaimer: Visiting this site alone does not establish a client-doctor/therapist relationship. If you have a medical or psychiatric emergency, please call 911.

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